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Muri, Aargau/Argovie/Argovia

This is the Muri Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Muri? Here's the list of sub-regions in Muri.
Region2 Region3
Muri Abtwil
Muri Aristau
Muri Auw
Muri Beinwil
Muri Besenbüren
Muri Bettwil
Muri Boswil
Muri Bünzen
Muri Buttwil
Muri Dietwil
Muri Geltwil
Muri Kallern
Muri Merenschwand
Muri Mühlau
Muri Muri
Muri Oberrüti
Muri Rottenschwil
Muri Sins
Muri Waltenschwil
Envelope Example
Switzerland Envelope Example
For more explanation, please read the official document: che.pdf . (English)

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